As briefly mentioned at the end of the previous lecture, this course was designed specifically for web developers -- though many professionals from across disciplines may still find this course valuable.

No specific experience as a developer is necessary, though a general familiarity with web technology (HTML, JS, cloud, etc) and related tools will come in handy and make this session more meaningful.

At a minimum:

  • you need to comfortable using a web browser and know how to find the "developer tools"
  • you should have some general exposure to web applications, as well as JavaScript libraries like React or Angular
  • you should be able to find the "command line" on your computer

Finally, you will also need a VIP subscription to HackTheBox (roughly $14/month) as we'll be using their platform of vulnerable web applications to demonstrate hacking theory and become more familiar with tools like nmap, gobuster and Burp Suite.

Once you have signed up for HackTheBox continue on to the next lecture where we'll discuss some legal and ethical considerations before getting our hands dirty.

Let's go!

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